Year: 2022

The Vision Board Interview with Abhishek Deshpande | Cofounder & COO | Recykal

Abhishek Deshpande Cofounder & COO, Recykal Abhishek is an enthusiastic tech entrepreneur, co-founder, business head, team builder, people person, and a lifelong learner. He is a self-starter, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Thinking differently and putting his best efforts to attain the unattainable is what motivates him to continuously improve in this ever-evolving […]

The Vision Board Interview with Namrata Rana | Director | Futurescape

Namrata Rana Director, Futurescape Namrata’s work focuses on preparing companies for the sustainability and Net Zero transition. She works at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and brand experiences. BooksSHIFT – Decisions for the Net Zero world. BALANCE – Responsible business for the digital age. Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With  Namrata Rana  Two […]

The Vision Board Interview with Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi | Co-Founder & COO | Electric One

Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi Co-Founder & COO, Electric One He has a robust leadership experience of 20+ years in diverse automotive consumer segments with expertise in spearheading B2B and B2C sales operations, global business development, P&L management, revenue enhancement and strategic alliances. Lead profit centres, startup enterprises, double digit market growth, account management and large cross […]

The Vision Board Interview with Mr. Madhur Rathi | CEO | Econiture

Mr. Madhur Rathi CEO, Econiture With experience of 8+ years in the waste management industry, he is the CEO of Recycle Bell Private Limited. REBELL is a waste management company that specifically deals in the dry waste management sector in tier 2 city like Amravati. They see recyclables as resources and try to create circular […]

The Vision Board Interview with Mr. Manik Thapar | Founder | Ecowise Waste Management

Mr. Manik Thapar Founder, Ecowise Waste Management Manik Thapar is one of the pioneers of the waste management industry in India. His work has been published extensively in the media in India and abroad and is known for his unique business model in the field of waste management. Manik Thapar is a Canadian Citizen with […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Rajan Patel | Founder | Greenobar | Greenobazar

Mr. Rajan Patel Founder, Greenobar | Greenobazar Rajan Patel is one of the Founder of Greenobazaar /Greenobar /Farmse an Organic, Eco-friendly & Healthy Omni channel business catering through 3 stores in Ahmedabad and ecommerce platform. Having farmse as its pvt lable brand of food and non food products and Greenobar a zero waste Peddle-Waste-Blend Juice […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Siddharth Mittal | Marketing Director | Auto International

Mr. Siddharth Mittal Marketing Director, Auto International Siddharth is a professional, hard-working, and detail-oriented Marketing Director with a track record of accomplishments both academically and as a Leader. He has always been focused on implementing various strategies to simplify the process and create experiences around users. Being, from a technical background he has a little […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Avishek Banerjee| Founder | UPCIDE

Mr. Avishek Banerjee Founder, UPCIDE Avishek is a Consulting professional with 18+ years of experience; primarily across Big 4’s, including EY, KPMG and PwC; focussed on Real Assets (real estate, transportation and tourism infra assets), Hospitality and Construction sectors, worked across India, ASEAN and MENA. He is a Passionate market builder, transformation enabler( digital, operating […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Meet Shah| Founder | Craftezy

Mr. Meet Shah Founder, Craftezy Meet Shah is a young entrepreneur & founder of Craftezy,  whose vision is to digitally enable every small/medium business in the world – regardless if it’s a selection of products at your fingertips; having prices that suit you best just like payment terms which are easy on both sides (both […]

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