The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Rajan Patel | Founder | Greenobar | Greenobazar

Mr. Rajan Patel

Founder, Greenobar | Greenobazar

Rajan Patel is one of the Founder of Greenobazaar /Greenobar /Farmse an Organic, Eco-friendly & Healthy Omni channel business catering through 3 stores in Ahmedabad and ecommerce platform. Having farmse as its pvt lable brand of food and non food products and Greenobar a zero waste Peddle-Waste-Blend Juice & Salad bar in Ahmedabad. Rajan have 15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales and also 5 years in Business Management , Strategy and Operations . Also have pitched at Leaders of Tomorrow ETNow and Times Now November 2019. He was selected at top 20 western Zone start up by Times Now Leaders of Tomorrow

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Mr. Rajan Patel

Is awareness around Environment limited to Metro cities?

When I had started so in 2016 and if you say a few years back then yes it was limited to Metro cities and when i started it was limited to Metro cities because the word organic in itself was a luxury word,  you know the cost of production of organic farming is higher, the Harvest is lesser. So the affordability is amongst the upper middle class and upper class. People didn’t understand the Organic word itself,  in-spite of the whole country before Independence, before Green Revolution was only consuming Organic. It was a traditional method of farming & still people didn’t understand the word organic.  So yes it was limited to the Metro cities then but now due to the information technology, the digitization ,the digital  transformation, people have accepted, adopted and grown. Even uneducated people  who are health conscious are asking for organic products it is run down to tier 2 and tier 3 cities also. The farmers initially who were educated and aware were growing organic but now even the farmers who are illiterate are shifting to that mode of Organic because they know the ill effects of non-organic farming. So that is all because of the technology and digitization of the economy.

Areas in farming that needed to improve productivity? 

Wonderful,  I mean back in 2018 the government had announced incentives for the farmers to shift to organic apart from that increasing the productivity. The Agritech currently in 2022 is one of the top most industry where the investors are willing to invest for the  transformation of the agriculture. But government had tried you know to change the policies will not go into what was right and wrong but India has always been an agro-based Economy. Now if our economy has to be a top most preferred economy in the world, agriculture is the sector, is the base, is the pillar which has to be strong and sustainable. But if I say sustainable and warm and friendly also then that is the future because when I started this business another inspiration behind starting this from the book The Hot flat and crowded was that there are two top most priorities of the world apart from economy is Health and Environment. If health and environment are sorted for a country then the country will be happy content and the culture will be open, like Bhutan or like Denmark which has declared itself to go 100% organic. So if you see I mean those countries you know measure their happiness index and the economy is consequential rather than economy being the primary measurement. At the end of the day you know all our careers or all our family goals are towards happiness but our goals are always materialistic. So sustainable way of farming or any other way if government focuses it will lead to the ultimate goals of the country that is economy

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Rajan Patel | Founder | Greenobar | Greenobazar

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