The Vision Board Interview with Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi | Co-Founder & COO | Electric One

Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi

Co-Founder & COO, Electric One

He has a robust leadership experience of 20+ years in diverse automotive consumer segments with expertise in spearheading B2B and B2C sales operations, global business development, P&L management, revenue enhancement and strategic alliances. Lead profit centres, startup enterprises, double digit market growth, account management and large cross functional teams for recording ROI intensification. Drive divergent roles in emerging markets of India, Africa and Middle-East whilst establishing sturdy liaison with global, strategic and regional partners.

With a record yield output with multicultural skills in performance management and business value. Contribute ingenious strategic initiatives for nailing business challenges and providing sturdy guidance for entire progression cycle from conceptualisation to implementation. Possess dexterity in driving relationship management, CXO engagements, customer satisfaction index and team management. Adept at aligning processes to re-engineered initiatives, internal control boost besides developing capability of large qualified teams.

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi

Integral Behavioral Shift from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

corporate is very well structured number and most of the big brands are quite evolved and all the processes and systems are well in place. You only need to focus on one section which is your particular functions, say you have to manage distributor apoint Distributors and ensure that the sales targets are achieved and device strategies for achieving that sales Target or marketing or product plan Etc. It’s a 360 degree I mean uh you are like ownership and you steer the ship every day morning a new wind direction flows and you do manure the ship accordingly. So right from managing finances to developing the team,to you know finding out offices tomeeting investors, meeting so many other stakeholders, government stakeholders we have more than 20 Brands uh who are in collaboration with us in this. About 20 oems you know ,who are manufacturing their own products which we are selling under our Banner under our electric one brand. We are like the chroma of the EV space ,that’s the concept in case you are not aware of .we have now about 90 dealerships across uh 76 cities and it’s like you go to chroma you enter chroma and you find n number of brands for each particular product that you are looking for and you uh finally see and ask questions and select one brand and you buy it and go home. same thing we have tried to do in EVS.


Core Leadership Mantra of Team Electric One about Scaling Business

The first phase was testing the business model we think that this model will work here,now there are two three key stakeholders , first was the oems so we got pulled off about 8 -10 Oems who believed in this model. They said yes we’ll join hands with you let’s have an agreement and if you are making a dealership we will supply products there. Then there is a dealer who’s putting his hard-earned money into between 25 lakhs to 45 lakhs is what the dealer needs to put in depending on which format he opts for. Then you need to get a dealer who believes in this model, so there were initial you know believers who came forward and when they had a good experience and they recommended to others by Word of Mouth it started propagating and then more and more dealers started to come obviously. Any dealer who comes  comes and meets us and has hundreds and hundreds of questions and doubts and queries which we were able to successfully address. Then we developed teams, we develop processes for after sales Etc and got good products and that’s how the whole momentum started coming in more and more dealers started signing in.So that’s how it has been and luckily for us despite we sitting here in gurgaon and not having Regional Offices, we got inquiries from all across and now we have put in its place a team in West, a team in South and very soon a team in east and north we are sitting here so that’s how you know it is progressing

India's Leap towards EV Ecosystem from Infrastructure POV

I can safely say that a lot of work is going on now the time is this industry I can see  from government side as well as from the private players and a lot of big players are getting into this like Reliance and Adani and Tata Motors, Mahindra. You know all these psus like HPCL is installing lacks and lacks of charging points across their petrol pumps. Tata power is setting up charging points in a big way and so many other players like Exicom and so many other players I don’t remember the name. A whole lot of work is going on but obviously setting infrastructure from scratch in a country as big as ours it will not be visible for you know some time but slowly and gradually you will start seeing you know at Petrol pumps at various other places. I think in a two to three years time we’ll have a robust infrastructure.


The Vision Board Interview with Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi | Co-Founder & COO | Electric One

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