Best Practices

Top 5 Post Pandemic Marketing rules

Pandemic has disrupted marketing. It has transformed the traditional methods and strategies for businesses. The changing dynamics of businesses have questioned the traditional marketing strategies. It left marketers puzzled. “How to thrive in marketing post-pandemic?” became the biggest question for marketers. Finding answer to the above question is very important to get success in marketing. […]

5 Ways To Optimise Your Customer Journey

Two unknown people get to know each other from one of their common friends. Get hooked on their first meet, numbers exchanged, and conversations began. Started spending time together, for several days at different places, yet enjoyed each other’s company a lot. All went well, and get together.  Looks like a cliche love story?  Well, […]

7 ways to leverage Videos in your B2B Marketing Strategy

In the last two years, platforms like Youtube and Netflix have boomed in terms of Average time spent on these platforms.  Whether it’s you or me, we have spent a lot of time there.   But what’s common in these two platforms?  Both of them host Video content. Wyzowl reveals that the average watch time of online videos […]

7 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy Your Business

Do you know, According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), content marketing generates over 3x as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less?  Content marketing is the most effective, reliable, and result-oriented marketing strategy of the Internet era. The consumers from B2B and B2C industry heavily depends upon the research before making purchasing decisions. Therefore, […]

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