The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Siddharth Mittal | Marketing Director | Auto International

Mr. Siddharth Mittal

Marketing Director, Auto International

Siddharth is a professional, hard-working, and detail-oriented Marketing Director with a track record of accomplishments both academically and as a Leader. He has always been focused on implementing various strategies to simplify the process and create experiences around users.

Being, from a technical background he has a little more edge to understand processes at the production shop. Siddharth is a keen observer of new technology and is always in the learning process of gaining knowledge. And presently he is the proud Director of Auto International at Ludhiana, the plant with world-class Forging and Machining infrastructure. 

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Mr. Siddharth Mittal 

How is Marketing for an Auto Industry different from rest of the industry?

We as a forging and machining unit are offering extensive range of integrated smart and e-mobility solutions. Auto international believes in connecting aspirations by offering innovative mobility solutions that are in line with customer aspirations. So as the international business is growing for us, so we have decided to look into the four key features which are driving optimal sourcing and manufacturing, enhancing overall customer experience, and establishing the auto international brand across the geographies which is the most important right now.

What the the biggest Marketing challenges in the Auto Industry? 

Well i would say that demand can fluctuate dramatically and over stock  inventories were the most important thing which hampered the productions and everything in the automotive sector. The automotive market it can be highly unpredictable and volatile often as a result of external factors which are beyond shipper’s control. So damage interest of brand which can cause the nosedive situation for us.

Do you think SMBs are going to adopt AR/VR technology? 

Surely Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are ready for business and some of the biggest opportunities to exploit these technologies lie in industrial manufacturing and design. So i would say, today’s manufacturing industries are trying to improve their competitiveness by combining manufacturing at par with information technology. So as you said that VR and AR  are effective technologies in Indian Smbs. So surely the people would turn their perspective towards the Ar/Vr because when you see a client who is sitting overseas and he can visit your company through just a technology part, so that is the best part the Smbs would be looking for and it will surely increase the business.

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Siddharth Mittal | Marketing Director | Auto International

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