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The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Lloyd Mathias | Business Strategist & Angel Investor

Mr. Lloyd Mathias Business Strategist & Angel Investor Lloyd Mathias is a Pan-Asia business leader, marketer, and strategist with intimate knowledge of the region and a proven track record of creating compelling visions and driving business performance across the Consumer, Telecom & Technology domains. Lloyd had led and motivated teams on a platform of trust, performance […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Rajesh Kumar | VP, Marketing – UiPath India & South Asia

Mr. Rajesh Kumar VP, Marketing – UiPath India & South Asia Rajesh Kumar is a technology industry B2B marketing, channel ecosystem strategist & business professional. His assignments have spanned across brand, demand, communication, media both at the field & regional HQ level in large Multinationals, mid-sized local organizations, and start-ups. Rajesh has worked in multiple […]

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Prateek Mathur | Sr. Director Marketing, SAP India

Mr. Prateek Mathur Sr. Director Marketing, SAP India Prateek Mathur is a Marketing Leader, who believes in using Marketing as a strategic lever to drive innovation. Prateek has a deep understanding of driving innovation in areas of business applications, with a background and experience pans across Marketing, Product management, Application development, and implementation. Excerpt From […]

The trends that will drive the future of marketing

The year 2021 is the tipping point for marketing. Businesses have already experienced the bitter taste of traditional marketing strategies. The pandemic has already wiped the old school marketing and brought a significant change in consumer behaviour.   The tectonic shift in marketing has already begun, almost like the evolution of a new era. Customers have […]

How to recruit your future CMO

Hiring a CMO is a crucial decision for the growth and success of your company. A right fit CMO can make a world-class team of marketers that can work as a catalyst of growth. The best CMO can change the entire face of your company right from handling marketing campaigns, making cost-effective growth strategies, bringing […]

2021 Martech Trends to Watch

Marktech plays an imperative and significant role in marketing in the 21st century.  Today’s modernized and changing world passes new technologies to its producers to grow and promote their products and services.  According to a recent quote by Scott Brinker, “Marketing was a non-technical profession 20 years ago. People went into marketing because they don’t […]

Top 5 Post Pandemic Marketing rules

Pandemic has disrupted marketing. It has transformed the traditional methods and strategies for businesses. The changing dynamics of businesses have questioned the traditional marketing strategies. It left marketers puzzled. “How to thrive in marketing post-pandemic?” became the biggest question for marketers. Finding answer to the above question is very important to get success in marketing. […]

Top Marketing Campaigns of 2021

Which brand comes to your mind when I say, “ZooZoo,” “Vodaphone,” right?  When I say, “Made in 2 minutes,”  The only thing that pops up is “Maggie,” isn’t it?  Similarly, for “Todo nhi Jodo,” Fevicol immediately strikes the head.  What is common amongst all the above examples?  These are the most popular marketing campaigns of […]

5 Essential Marketing Trends for SMBs post 2nd COVID wave

2020 was one of the most challenging years businesses have seen in their lifespan, especially for SMBs. The dip in the demands and cutthroat competition thrashed several small businesses. With the limited budgets in hand, marketing becomes a tough job for SMBs. Because large organizations can cut down the competition by spending tons of money […]

How Blockchain is disrupting Digital Marketing and Advertising Industry

The essential characteristic of Marketing is that it keeps on changing. The change was steady from the last few decades, but the scenario is changing rapidly with the advent of new technologies. So, the changes that took decades in the past are happening over a couple of years with the fastly evolving technology.  Now, it’s […]

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