The Vision Board Interview | Ms. Anju Williams | Head Of Marketing | Cloud Kinetics

Ms. Anju Williams

Head Of Marketing , Cloud Kinetics

Anju Williams is a Marketing Leader with experience in all key elements of marketing including Product Marketing, Vertical marketing, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Marketing, Branding, Partner Marketing, demand generation, and marketing operation. She has expertees to plan, strategize, direct and manage marketing and business development activities to enhance corporate branding, and support the company’s revenue and profit objectives.

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Ms. Anju Williams

How Personalized and Vertical marketing are changing Businesses?

I believe that because see as Startups or as Smbs, it is harder to get the audience’s attention. It may be easier for established Brands like Idea or Cisco. But for Smbs or a Start-up it is difficult to get the attention and for getting responses from our target audience. So, it’s always better that, you know, you tweak the message. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the customization that you will do in your messaging. Like, for example in 8th of December, we are doing good education webinar. So, which the messaging is very much focused on the education vertical for Indonesia. And 26th November, we did a gaming webinar for the companies who are into the gaming business for Vietnam. So, we are doing a lot of vertical specific blogs are doing, vertical Focus webinars are doing because, you know it’s a niche audience. But what you’re talking makes sense to them. They can relate to what you’re talking about, because it talks about that vertical pain areas and what are the solutions that probably some of the customers have already solved for them? I think that’s where the greatest learning comes out because, you know as sales and Marketers, sales and marketing people, we are the ones who are actually helping solve the problems of our customers, Customer’s customer as for that matter. It’s what verticals that we cater to, you know there is a lot of value addition that IT companies like Cloud kinetics bring to the nation. So, I think that’s where we come into the picture. So, Customisation, I am totally positive about it.  We should definitely do it.  

Marketing Strategies for Startups and SMBs with limited budget.

I think a couple of things you need to invest at least the basic fundamental that I was talking about in the beginning. Have your fundamental platforms ready. And then probably you may not have the luxury to go big on your digital Investments, paid media, Etc. But I think if your intention is clear that you need to be very strong in your organic social media efforts or organic marketing, or even for emailing, I would say, because emailing, is not as you know it used to be, there are a lot of, you know, privacy issues, and we need to have offence. So, I think if we focus in the right way, go for opt-in database. See, with database and with digital marketing, I think this is a this is a point I would like to share with SMB marketers & Start-up marketers,

There is a lot of wisdom in the database that you use. So, use it wisely and where the wisdom lies is in making the database engaged, the more engaged your databases, the better responses you will get. So that's how with less you can do more.

You need to be strategic with your database itself. Exactly. As I said, you know, no bombardments Work. Believe me, whether you have the budget, you have little budget or larger budget doesn’t really matter. Your database strategy has to be well sorted.  If you don’t know what’s in there, you  are not justifying your investment

The Vision Board Interview | Ms. Anju Williams | Head Of Marketing | Cloud Kinetics

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