The Vision Board Interview | Ms. Poornima Couto | Chief Marketing Officer | SLK Software

Ms. Poornima Couto

Chief Marketing Office, SLK Software

Poornima Couto is a brand nurturer and a marketing communications professional with 18+ years experience. She is a  ‘participative leader’ with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to inspire, motivate, and create learning opportunities for the team.She is currently responsible for building the SLK brand and driving business growth through marketing initiatives

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Ms. Poornima Couto

Why Facebook rebranded itself to Meta?

In the past a lot of organizations have rebranded themselves to move away from consumer scrutiny right and as we all know there has been a lot questionable practices and issues that both of these brands have actually faced. So gone are the days when organizations can simply rebrand themselves to sort of walk away from the scrutiny because now consumers are extremely savvy, so they want to hold brands in a very high standard and they expect that brands embody their values and really deliver on their brand promise at every instance. So, when brands falter consumers are quick to call them out, so we’ve seen this happening right in the past and many many years ago another IT services company you know they moved from Consulting to IT services and they changed their name entirely, you probably know which one i’m talking about. But you know Google has done that and now Facebook has gone into meta, so this seems to be something that people organizations are sort of resorting to and this is a very buy the book approach if you ask me for a rebranding exercise. But if organizations like Facebook and my which is now meta is able to walk away from you know the fire that they’re currently under and really shed all of those issues and go into a completely new avatar from within. Then yes i think the rebranding is definitely going to be worthwhile and really be true to what they want to sort of live up to in the consumer’s eyes.

How do you see the Nykaa's IPO launch. How is it going to empower Women entrepreneurship in the country?

Nykaa’s IPO has been a phenomenal story, i think in fact it’s probably been one of the most profitable companies to go into IPO in recent months and some of the other IPO’s that have happened recently and i think it’s all about how Falguni Nair saw that there is a need, there is a gap in what customers and consumers are looking for and just went ahead and filled that need.

She was so passionate about it and she just kept at it and i think it's absolutely inspiring what Nykaa has done and I'm sure it's going to be a huge confidence booster for a lot of women entrepreneurs because for them it's going to be like hey listen this isn't something we can't do. So, I'm sure a lot of women can relate to this now and I'm sure it's going to be inspiring for them to really go after their passions and turn those dreams into realities and start investing themselves into building products and services that they truly believe in.

I think it’s that belief and the need that you we’re looking at and i think it’s a phenomenal story and i’m really sort of excited to see how this entire story unfolds going forward.

The Vision Board Interview | Ms. Poornima Couto | Chief Marketing Officer | SLK Software

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