The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Ashish Bajaj | Head Of Marketing | MediBuddy

Mr. Ashish Bajaj

Head Of Marketing, MediBuddy

Ashish Bajaj is a marketing professional with expertise in not only creating consumer-facing communication but with complete knowledge of Media and key expertise across consumer understanding, touchpoint planning, and optimization. Currently, Ashish is working as a Head of Marketing at MediBuddy, which joined forces with DocsApp in 2020 to become India’s largest digital healthcare platform.

Excerpts From The Vision Board Interview With Mr. Ashish Bajaj

Ashish you're part of the company which is one of the renowned name in digital healthcare space .Our audience definitely would like to know the story behind this. What is the vision when your founder started this company?

It’s a very interesting story and i think a great struggle that our founders have put in terms of building the organization & where it is right now. It started off in IIT madras and it started off in one of the garage at the campus and it was actually lab which they had requested their lab head to help them take it. And it all generated, all was funded by one of the competitions that both founders had taken place in and they ended up winning that competition. With that money they started this. And their idea was first it was healthcare but it started off as a product in healthcare because they wanted to improve healthcare infrastructure at that point in time, I’m talking about uh six to seven years ago and they were looking into solving problems for cardiology, how they can make the cardiology machines less expensive. They were working on providing tools for doctors to do their job even more efficiently and then while they were doing all of this, they got hooked up to the idea that quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone. And predominantly it started from where people either are not able to reach to a hospital either because of the distance issue, time issue, or any other lifestyle issue. So, that is how it started and i remember our founders telling us the story that actually when a customer used to call for a consultation, they used to write down the problem, and then he used to run to the nearby doctor to get the solution and after that call the customers back and give them the solution. So, from that to now, almost over 95 percentiles of our users get an online doctor consultation for any specialty in less than 30 minutes. So I think the story is amazing and the kind of effort that has gone into that is also amazing.


Do you think Addressing The Mental Health issue going to be a relevant achievement for Digital Health Space?

If i may tell you, the top departments for Tele Consultations are General Medicine, Paediatric, Gynaecology, Skin and Derma and Mental Health. And if you look at growth of each of them, Mental Health of-course has grown significantly in last two years. Plus, not only from consumer being more aware about it or it’s not about that i am only the one who’s making an effort for my own mental health, you will see a lot of plethora of organization who are bringing it to the centre. So, from employee health and wellness point of view it has it has started becoming a centre stage. Because of that as well a lot of awareness is happening in definitely interior, in the top metros, top seven cities. But like you asked is tier 2 or tier 3 cities getting the kind of traction or not, so you will be happy to know that 50% of teleconsultations do get driven through tier 2 and tier 3 cities. And I’m talking about a consultation market of around 30 to 35 lakh consultations a month.

According to you what would be the next big thing in marketing?

Remember when people with age-old things used to be like, oh i will wait for my Diwali to come, then i will launch my Diwali campaign and it will be the grandest, it will be the biggest. Just wait for the march, I will launch the biggest beverage campaign ever. So, it used to start from macro-environmental aspects. Those tick mark things which used to happen when New year is there, Diwali is there. Now i think it has strong to a daily level.

I don't want to commit more in terms of whether the newest trend will be into Mark-tech, Ai and marketing. I think the simplest thing right now to keep true to the people who want to listen to us is, capitalize on the micro moments first, do those micro movements in a multiple facet and just be true as a brand in terms of providing the right kind of image to the consumer. If you are able to follow that you don't have to wait for your big moment in terms of your Diwali.

What are the best Marketing Channels in Digital Health Space from marketing point of view that is really going to help the brands achieve the goal which is defined for their company?

I would say even for any brand perspective or from a digital ecosystem plan a brand perspective, it’s not first about the channels, it’s first about the customer insight, what is that customer is looking for and where is that customer available, be it uh be it offline be it online. So, whenever we sit down in terms of planning a campaign, we always first see where is this customer willing to move in terms of your media sphere and then we plan the campaigns. So basically, it was a planning template that we were taught when i was my early days at GroupM, we used to do the day in life of planning of a consumer. So, what is he doing in the morning, what is he doing in the evening what is he doing in at night but come pandemic everything changed? So, that person was at home, he was not moving out at all but yes thankfully he started adopting to new and newer habits. Like how healthcare grew in the during the pandemic and your OTT grew, your content consumption on social media grew, your content consumption not only on digital grew but on tv as well. Every day in day out forget how bark is giving you the numbers or not because news is not getting recorded as of now but you, me everyone was watching news. We watching anything else, no we were not. So as far as how you plan, one is the data that you look at what is getting consumed second is your gut, that i know this is the right medium for us and when you think consumer first you will be able to design better outreach programs for your consumers.

The Vision Board Interview | Mr. Ashish Bajaj | Head Of Marketing | MediBuddy

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