The trends that will drive the future of marketing

The year 2021 is the tipping point for marketing. Businesses have already experienced the bitter taste of traditional marketing strategies. The pandemic has already wiped the old school marketing and brought a significant change in consumer behaviour.  

The tectonic shift in marketing has already begun, almost like the evolution of a new era. Customers have become tech-savvy, more aware with less attention span. As consumer behaviour is dwindling with the advent of new technologies, marketing is becoming even more complex. 

Amid this substantial shift, it’s essential to start working towards future marketing trends. The adaptive marketers who will predict the future of marketing by analyzing the data and trends will thrive in the future. 

So, how will marketing look like in 2025? What are the trends that will dominate marketing in 2025? 

Here are the top 5 marketing trends that will rule the industry in 2025. 

1. Voice Marketing 

The introduction of voice assistants is alluring humans towards voice searches. Humans treat voice assistants nothing less than a good friend, as it takes personalization to the next level. It is evident from the fact that 150 million units of smart speakers were sold in 2020, breaking all the previous records. 

Marketers can witness the substantial growth of the trend. Consumers use voice search to find local businesses, simple queries, best products, and purchase decisions. Marketers have already started to tap this new tool of marketing to influence consumers. 

According to BusinessWire, by 2022, around 55% of households are expected to own smart speakers, a significant jump of 42% compared to today’s scenario. 

Over time, the voice searches are going to surge, as data predicts. Even businesses have started to adopt voice-based search engine optimization. In the year 2025, voice will become the most crucial channel for marketing. 

2. Blockchain 

If there is one latest trend that created a buzz in 2021, then it would be Blockchain. All thanks to the man responsible for Humans colonization on Mars, Elon Musk, the Blockchain technology caught everyone’s attention. Even Gartner has declared it as the second most disruptive technology of 2020 after AI and ML. 

For most of us, Blockchain is only relevant for the Finance industry, but it isn’t the case. It is revolutionizing several industries, and marketing is nowhere in the backseat. 

Blockchain technology will target the two biggest concerns of marketing, data privacy, and security. It will play a significant role in winning customer’s trust by increasing transparency and providing data privacy. 

The year 2021 has already paved the way for technology. According to Global News Wire, the Global Blockchain market size is expected to grow insanely at a CAGR of 69% between 2019 to 2025. 

3. Data

Data is the oil that is driving marketing in 2021. As the internet penetration increases over time and more devices like cars, homes, voice assistants are linked to the internet through IoT, brands will have more data to understand customer’s expectations and buying patterns. 

The data insights help brands create more customer enteric and data-driven marketing campaigns to allure customers. Data-driven marketing campaigns generate 5-8x ROI. The high ROI is the reason why 76% of the Marketing leaders considered data analytics as to the basis of their marketing decisions. 

The data will be the critical factor that will be driving marketing in 2025. High specific marketing campaigns would be created by slicing the personal data, geolocation data, and environment data to market to the right person at the right time at the suitable device. 

64% of the marketing leaders claimed data-driven strategies as the core of marketing, while 40% of organizations aim to increase their data-driven marketing budgets. 

4. Virtual Reality

Brands are running a constant sprint to get closer to their customers. Exploring new tools and technologies to create a better experience for the customers. Virtual reality is undoubtedly a magical tool for marketers to interact and engage with customers. 

The VR market is growing at a breakneck pace; the demand for VR devices is predicted to grow 16 times between 2018 to 2022. According to MarketsandMarkets research, the VR market will reach $20.9 billion in 2025 from a mere $6.1 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 27.9%. 

Looking at the growing trends, it is easily predictable that VR will become a crucial part of marketing campaigns in 2025. 

5. AI 

AI has proved to be the most disruptive technology in marketing in the past few years. It has topped every marketer’s trend list. It enables marketers to dive deep into real-time analytics and measurement, which are essential parts of marketing. AI and ML help marketers improve customer experience, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve product line pricing strategy.   

As per Forbes, 75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning in 2018 have enhanced their customer satisfaction by 10%. AI-based chatbots have become a new normal in the marketing industry; almost every other organization is either already using or looking to adopt it. 

AI chatbots are the next big thing in customer relationship management as they can solve complex customer queries in seconds. As per Businesswire, today, 50% of customer queries are managed through AI-based chatbots. The global AI chatbot market will touch $3 billion in 2025. The AI-first approach is going to rule the marketing industry in 2025.  

Final Words

The marketing in the year 2025 will be pretty different from what it is today. So to predict the future, you need to trace the clues in 2021 because it is the year of pivotal shift. 

The trends and technologies will come and go, but the core of marketing will remain the same, understanding customer behavior and listening to them. The technologies that will create a more personalized experience for customers to satisfy their demands will rule future marketing. 

The trends that will drive the future of marketing

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