2021 Martech Trends to Watch

Marktech plays an imperative and significant role in marketing in the 21st century. 

Today’s modernized and changing world passes new technologies to its producers to grow and promote their products and services. 

According to a recent quote by Scott Brinker, “Marketing was a non-technical profession 20 years ago. People went into marketing because they don’t want to work in I.T. or anything else like that.” However, the scenario has completely changed today. Technology has become the core of marketing. Marketing teams, have become overly reliant on these technologies to carry out their strategy and operations.”

Because of advanced technology taking place in the market, it is pivotal for marketers to adopt new marketing technologies to speculate the necessary demands of an individual. 

Matching shoulders with new marketing strategies help businesses to compete with competitor’s strategies challengers to achieve consumer trust.  


Marketing technology or Martech are tools and software which assist marketers to achieve their marketing objectives and goals. 

Companies, businesses, and brands have been adopting various marketing strategies to upgrade themselves to gain customer engagement. 

Scott Brinker also states that – covid is one of the reasons which drives many marketers and businesses to marketing technology.  

According to Toolbox, more than 60% of marketers worldwide are currently using at least one marketing automation tool or platform. 



Social media is a channel that carries technology emphatically and with flying colours. So as for the future, it can’t depart from marketing. But, apart from communication, social media also opens a wide variety of opportunities for brands and consumers. 

Founder and head of content strategy at Hustle Life JEREMY HARRISON elucidates – “Two–way communication via social media will be the game of next year.” This means social media can be a way to enlarge and explore a significant no. of consumers effectively. 

Advertising the brand can do wonders to your business if you are consistent enough to interact with unlimited consumers. For small businesses, it’s the best place to attract new customers cost-effectively. 

Utilizing time in social media and increasing traffic to your page can also help you get your target audience. You can use these platforms to understand your customer needs and gather important feedback. 

Researchers say that over 3.78 billion people, which is 48% of the total population, use social media to fulfill their ideal requirements. That is why 73% of marketers believe that social media is best for promoting and marketing brands. 


Voice searches are rapidly gaining popularity among the various users as it is more reliable and more accessible than searching through typing.

Every individual knows about the services amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri is offering. These also got fabulous results from the public because they have used marketing strategies and new marketing technology trends to gain attention. 

Optimization of websites for mobile voice search is the marketing technology brands can use to get traffic from the audience. Due to these main reasons, it is helpful for a business to develop a voice search strategy to assimilate in their digital marketing. 

In the year 2020, half of the searches made are through voice search, proving that this technology will expand in the future. 


To increase operational efficiency, companies are already enhancing A.I. (artificial intelligence) marketing by expanding and consuming technology.

A.I. Marketing is based on collecting data through the best sources, analyzing the data, and observing it to understand the economy and audience so that it would be easier to get the basic idea about marketing strategies to implement. 

Artificial intelligence is best for real-time personalization with numberless users to establish contact with one another. 

MACHINE LEARNING is nothing but understanding and observing data to adapt to new technology and in the context of historical analytics. 

Fundamentally it supports the brand by understanding data-driven information to be used to build its loyalty to consumers. 


In every respect, marketing directly affects your business, so before any engagement in marketing, it is crucial to analyze and observe the marketing trends in the current landscape for better results. Martech is an ever-expanding domain that improves consumer relationships, marketing productivity, and lead generation. 

Investing in martech benefits your brand and improves the consumer experience you will offer to your target audience. 

So, it is essential to attain a trustworthy relationship that automatically promotes productivity in the enterprise for developing a business. Marketing also plays the dominant role in any industry to manage the content by efficiently utilizing marketing strategies, so; every marketer needs to use marketing trends to the best. 

“What technology has done overall is magnified what was always true,” said Allen Adamson, co-founder of meta force and adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. 

On the ending note, you already know what is best and crucial for your brand, so before any further actions, keep marketing trends and your business profile in your mind. 

2021 Martech Trends to Watch

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