Top Marketing Campaigns of 2021

Which brand comes to your mind when I say, “ZooZoo,”

“Vodaphone,” right? 

When I say, “Made in 2 minutes,” 

The only thing that pops up is “Maggie,” isn’t it? 

Similarly, for “Todo nhi Jodo,” Fevicol immediately strikes the head. 

What is common amongst all the above examples? 

These are the most popular marketing campaigns of all time. Yet they were launched many years back, but they are still in our head; that’s the quality of a perfect marketing campaign. 

Thousands of marketing campaigns are launched every year. But most of them go unnoticed. On the other hand, few of them shook the viewers. Only a handful of them can make a place in the viewer’s head and heart. 

We are here in the month of July 2021. Several marketing campaigns have already won our hearts.

The Top Marketing Campaigns of 2020-21. 

1. Indiranagar ka Gunda – CRED

The Indiranagar ka Gunda campaign again proved CRED’s out-of-the-box marketing approach. The ad stars our very own Jammy, aka Rahul Dravid, which created sensations across digital media. 

The surprise factor of the ad leads to the overnight success of the ad. CRED creators have made Jammy lose his temper, which even bowlers couldn’t do. As a result, the Cricket fans went crazy seeing Jammy lose his temper in the Traffic of Bengaluru for the first time. 

The 23 seconds ad was shared by many celebrities, and netizens making it a huge success; the whole credit goes to the incredible team of writers lead by famous Youtuber, comedian, and founder of AIB, Tanmay Bhat. This ad campaign became the most popular campaign of the year 2021 so far. 

2. Pooja Milk Centre – Facebook

Facebook nailed the art of storytelling through this ad campaign. It’s hard for anyone not to cry after watching this 8 mins ad. When everyone is firing their employees during the pandemic, the ad shows a heart-touching story of a young lady who takes a firm decision to hire more people for her Milk center. 

The ad revolves around how she stands firm on her decisions to help people who lost their job during the pandemic even though her Milk center suffered. When her newly hired staff saw her struggles, they opened up on Facebook and asked people to show their support. Overnight, Pooja didi became a celebrity, and her business quadrupled. 

Through this ad, Facebook delivered a solid message to stand with your staff during the tough times, and people loved the emotional story across all social media channels. 

3. #StopTheBeautyTest – Dove  

Dove is a genius when it comes to storytelling. Once again, Dove has nailed it through its #StopTheBeautyTest ad campaign. 

The ad slams the tests women have to go through during matrimony, from body shaming to skin colour biases. Dove bashed the traditional norms of Indian marriages and gives a strong message to see the inner beauty instead of the conventional factors like height, colour, body shape, etc. 

The ad was loved by the audiences and created a positive buzz in the Indian matrimony community. Dove urged people to appreciate the ‘Inner beauty’ as the ‘Real beauty.’

4. #NoHandUnwashed – Savlon

This ad campaign created ripples in the viewers as it touched their hearts. Savlon released the ad campaign during the pandemic peak when washing hands became the most crucial for everyone. 

The ad campaign features a foot artist, Sapna Augustine. The story revolves around her daily routine to show how this lady without limbs overcomes the challenges to lives a simple life just like any other person. However, she never forgets to wash and sanitize her legs, which are hands for her. 

The strong portray of the message was shared by people on social media to make it a massive hit. Thus, underlying the message to wash hands for everyone. 

5. Na Bottle Hategi, Na Valuation Ghatega – Fevicol

In a recent press conference, the legendary footballer Christiano Ronaldo removed the Coca-cola bottle from the table and gave a message to drink water. The incident became overnight sensations on Social media, resulted in crashing Coca-cola’s share price on the stock market. 

Leveraging the moment marketing, Fevicol created an ad campaign for social media, and it became viral. The underlined message was to show the adhesiveness of Fevicol. In addition, people loved the humorous way of Fevicol to mock the incident. 

6. Tum Kb Itne Bade Ho Gaye – Horlicks

It looks like Horlicks is learning the art of storytelling. The last few ads of Horlicks were mainly focused on targeting a story a concept instead of pointing out the advantages of the products. 

In this ad, A mom of two girls is caught in the middle of her journey because of the punctured tyre of the car. She frightens as it was late in the night and tries to call her husband for help. Observing the situation, her elder daughter came out and made the tyre while her mother was busy searching for help. The mom was surprised to see her daughter getting old enough to do the things she couldn’t do. 

The ad’s message revolves around the kids getting older and learning new things without parent’s attention. Horlicks tries to fit its product in those growing years of the kid to make them bright and focus on the overall physical and mental development. 

7. The beauty of Oneness – Tanishq Ekatvam

This ad campaign created much controversy, as people claim it to hurt their religious feelings. As a result, Tanishq has to face outrage from the people on social media platforms, especially Twitter. But it gained much attention and eyeballs. 

The campaign features a bride married to a family of a different religion. However, the family organizes a special celebration to follow the traditional custom not followed in their beliefs to make their daughter-in-law happy. 

But what makes all the above ad campaigns remarkable?

The two most important factor that makes an ad remarkable are relevancy and relatability. The success secret of the most popular ad campaigns lies in their capability to trigger the viewers’ emotions. 

Which one did you like the most? 


Top Marketing Campaigns of 2021

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