7 ways to leverage Videos in your B2B Marketing Strategy


In the last two years, platforms like Youtube and Netflix have boomed in terms of Average time spent on these platforms. 

Whether it’s you or me, we have spent a lot of time there.  

But what’s common in these two platforms? 

Both of them host Video content. Wyzowl reveals that the average watch time of online videos has jumped to 16 hours per week. 

This makes it pretty clear what type of content people like to watch. A report by Hubspot says that 54% of consumers want to see more video content this year.

 In the last 3-4 years, I have also started preferring video content over text, the simple reason being message retention. 

The average message retention while watching a video is 95% compared to just 10% while reading text. 

Marketers are nowhere behind to pick up consumer trends. That’s why 81% of businesses have started using video as a marketing tool as per Hubspot. 

During the pandemic,  80% of marketers have adopted video into their non-paid marketing strategies, driving tons of traffic, leads, and conversations. 

Videos are a game-changer for both B2B and B2B businesses. Research by Content Marketing Institute 2020 reveals that – 

  • 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing.
  • 66% of B2C marketers use video marketing.

Videos are undoubtedly one of the best content formats today. But how can you leverage it? 

Here are the seven ways to use Videos in your B2B marketing Strategy – 

1. Brand Awareness Videos 

Businesses start with trust, and there is no better way to built trust than videos. Use videos to create your business narrative, mission, vision, and the purpose of your existence.

Your brand video is an opportunity to make a direct connection with your audience. It enables you an engaging way to convey your vision and show your capabilities. Even 70% of B2B buyers prefer watching a video before making a purchase, a jump of 52% compared to the last two years.

2. Client Testimonial Video

In the business world, there is a common saying, “Improve until your customers become your Advocates.” But what after that? How to leverage your customers who are now advocates? 

The answer is testimonial videos. First, create a video testimonial of your customer’s journey and experience featuring them. It can be a powerful marketing tool to attract new prospects. With the help of a video testimonial, you can reflect your capabilities and customer satisfaction. And above all, “People buy what others are buying.” Therefore in B2B, reviews, referrals, and testimonials are the most powerful tools for the brand’s advocacy.

3. Case Study 

In B2B, the decision-makers love the process you followed to overcome a particular problem and deliver a successful project. That’s why Case studies are considered super essential in B2B. Most brands use written case studies, but have you thought about making a video case study? 

Imagine a case study featuring your team, the client, and you. Throughout the Video case study, you show the process you followed, the client is explaining the problems they faced, and your team is talking about the solutions delivered. It would look nothing less than a powerful and appealing documentary. It will not only be convincing but also engaging and fun to watch. 

4. Educational Videos 

There is a famous saying, “The more value you deliver, the more business you receive.” That’s why educational videos are an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy. It keeps the customer engaged and helps to built credibility with your customer. In a survey,  84% of people said that they were convinced to buy a particular product or service after watching a brand’s video. 

Most B2B companies are engaged in creating blogs to deliver value and educate their customers to nurture them. Now, think about repurposing these blogs into educational videos. It will make it easier for your client to understand a particular topic easily, save their time, and usually be more engaging. In addition, it is a great way to nurture your visitors and convert them from cold leads to hot leads.  

5. Show your Employees and work Culture  

You can make short videos of your employees talking about your work culture, opportunities, their experiences, etc. These videos create a positive image of your company in front of your followers and clients. Thus, it can be used as a great marketing tool to convince your prospects that you are a trustable brand. 

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, on both ends, real people are making the decisions. People are more interested in doing business with real people instead of your brand name or logo. The more faces you include in your employee videos, the more your prospects get to know the team they could work with, and it’s compelling. 

6. Leverage the power of Live webinars

Webinars have become tremendously popular in the B2B industry during the pandemic. Most of the CXOs and marketers were networking through webinars during the lockdown. You can also use live webinars to interact with your prospects. 

A live webinar is a fantastic marketing tool to showcase your expertise on a particular topic. It is a long video format, so you get enough time to nurture your audience. You can make it engaging by adding QnA sessions into it. You can leverage live webinars to establish yourself as a thought leader by delivering immense value to your viewers. A live webinar can be recorded and can be used later in your content marketing strategy. 61% of marketers consider videos as the most crucial part of their content marketing strategy.

7. FAQ Videos 

Providing a seamless experience to your customers is essential for customer retention. Solving their queries in the best possible ways makes your customer feel special. The customer wants to be heard and get the support needed while having any trouble. For the same reason, almost all the brands include FAQs on the website. And Let’s admit it, they are worth it.

Now, let’s take FAQs to the next level. Think of adding Video solutions to your customer’s Frequently asked queries. Won’t that be more effective than answering in text format? Your customer is going to love it. Instead of instructing in-text format, now you are showing them how to do it. 

Videos are a powerful tool for B2B businesses, where trust plays the most crucial role in building relationships. Including videos as a part of your content marketing strategy can do wonders. Even 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. So what are you waiting for? 

7 ways to leverage Videos in your B2B Marketing Strategy

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